We believe in unique and customized consulting experience for each and every client.

Consulting in areas of company management, financial education, management approach in the key areas for running of a successful company and risk identification and management.

  • Business Process Analysis

    Analysis and categorizing of business processes in a company. Identification, assessment and understanding for of processes optimization and improvement.

  • Cash Flow and Finance Management

    Planning and documenting of cash collections, cash out, finance planning and total liquidity management.

  • Inventories and Procurement Management

    Data from inventories trends and quantities are compared with the related business cycles and all deficiencies and dependencies are identified and flagged.

  • Strategic Management Consulting

    Defining tailor-made business strategy with individual approach and direct contact to identify tools, data, people, external influences, advantages, risks and opportunities.

  • Vision, Mission and Strategy Development

    Mission and vision are unique for each organisation and specific moment in time, and cannot be bought of shelf.

  • Corporate Governance & Compliance

    Analysis, assessment and testing of company’s compliance with internal procedures and policies as well as compliance wit regulatory requirements.